9 Reasons to live in an RV over a House

I’ve lived in a house for 30 years. I’ve done the 9-5, I’ve been an entrepreneur living in Orange County. For over a year now we’ve been living on the open road in an RV traveling across America. We started in a small RV and a few months ago upgraded to a huge beast. Looking back at the contrast between living in a house vs. an RV there are some definite advantages to the RV Life that we live.

I realize that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. However, for us the decision to ditch the “normal” lifestyle and live a life of adventure has given us more enjoyment out of life than we could possibly imagine. In no particular order, here are a few reasons why we prefer living in an RV vs. living in a traditional house.

1. Live in the Weather You Want

There is a reason so many people choose to be “Snowbirds”. I grew up in Minnesota, the college I went to up in Northern Minnesota was so cold in the winter that they built huge underground tunnels connecting all the buildings together so you wouldn’t have to struggle through the cold. They knew college kids would probably just skip class when it’s 20 below zero. We were RVing in Northern Texas when we were caught in a rare blizzard. Ice froze over everything and as much as I was enjoying it, Danielle wasn’t. She said “I know we’re supposed to be in this area for a while, but why don’t we just ditch our plans and drive to Florida?” So the next day we packed up the RV and headed to the warmth and sunny beaches of Florida.

2. Visit Bucket List Locations

There have been so many places I’ve dreamed about visiting. Places I saw in a magazine or on TV that made my jaw drop. In an RV we’ve been able to travel to these bucket list spots and enjoy as much time as we’ve wanted. Many of the places we actually set up and worked for the day!

3. Adventure

You can visit places and do activities that are as adventurous as you want. From climbing the highest peaks to surfing the biggest waves. An RV can take you there.

4. Less to Clean

I’m not a fan of doing chores or housework. Luckily the RV can be cleaned up in less than 30 minutes!

5. Wildlife

It’s one thing to see unique animals on National Geographic. It’s another to have them visit you while you’re in the RV. We’ve had so many animals come up while we were on the back deck of the Toy Hauler.

6. Enjoy a Pool

I’ve always wanted to have a pool. Growing up in Minnesota there wasn’t much of a “pool season”. For many people a pool can be an expense that isn’t in their budget. When you RV, many of the RV Resorts have beautiful pools and the best part is they are heated!

7. See New Parts of America

We’ve visited so many areas that we didn’t even know existed before RVing. The vast beauty of this great nation is endless. Whether you want to visit the National Parks or see some small towns, an RV is a great way to see new places.

8. If You Don’t Like Your Neighbors, MOVE!

Have you ever had a neighbor you weren’t thrilled with? When you live in an RV and don’t like your neighbor, just pack up and head out.

9. Live on a Lake

I’ve always wanted to live on a lake but good lake front property is expensive and often has a lot of upkeep. When you RV you can head to any lake with a campsite and finally have the lake front property you’ve always wanted.

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