COVID-19 & RVing

Stay at home they say!

I’m sure a lot of us are very familiar and have heard this order made all over the world, and way too many times. Who would have thought we would be in such a predicament. My husband and I are frequent travelers. We love to plan and execute when it comes to taking a trip by RV to campgrounds all across the country.

However our love and passion for traveling did not stop and was not affected by COVID-19. Instead of creating more doubt and going against the grain, I did much needed research and came up with ways for us to do not only what we love but stay safe and healthy while doing so.

One very important item that has swept the market within the past few months is “Lysol.” Lysol is an all purpose bacterial disinfectant. It is best practices to use Lysol spray on commonly used areas. For example, a commonly used area in our beautiful RV would be the bathroom. I created a rule that states “Please spray the door knob before entering restroom and spray the door after. Best practices should not only be used during COVID-19 but after the pandemic ends as well.

Other commonly used areas that I suggest you decontaminate would be the main entrance door to your RV. Not just the outside area of the door but the inside as well. Spraying commonly used items (remotes, chairs, fridge door handles, microwave, etc.) need to be sprayed as well.

Another good item to keep around is hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer helps for times when your family decides to go outside. Anytime they touch a doorknob, shake someone’s hand or even grab a piece of paper from someone, hand sanitizer should be utilized.

Another good way to stay safe is by finding ways to keep your family entertained while distancing yourself from other families that may be on the campground. The best way would be to watch movies, play card games or even cook a family meal together. So not only are you protecting and keeping your family safe however you guys get to enjoy activities together while doing so.

If you think about it, it’s actually pretty funny. They tell us to social distance. If keeping a distance is what they want then RV’ing with your family is the best way to go! I could get used to social distancing ?

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