RV'ers Must Take This Seriously Or Else

Something every RV person should know and take very seriously.

With the increase of theft involving Motor Homes and Pull Trailers across the country it's time for all RV'ers to take serious consideration. One of the worst nightmares possible while traveling across country in your beautiful RV with family or friends is stopping at a truck stop or restaurant to take a break from the road and having your RV stolen. While inside enjoying a meal a half hour or so thieves have stolen your RV. The thieves targeted the rest stop you have happened to stop at and your RV matches what they want and what they know they can take. Your RV and your belongings are gone. Being in a state of panic you call the police but the thieves have an escape route or hiding place and a head start. Typically, the theft occurs immediately after entering the restaurant.

Now consider if you would have had installed a GPS tracking system in your RV. You could call the police and tell them what roads your RV is traveling or where it is hidden. GPS Trackers are very reasonable with prices for quality units in the $180 to $260 range with battery backup. Installation are $100 to $200 and activation's are typically $50. Now you might ask who to contact for a GPS tracking system. The company I recommend is Rocky Mountain Tracking. Rocking Mountain Tracking is a highly rated company that offers excellent customer service.
Contact them at (888) 242-0500  or http://www.rmtracking.com/
They can do overnight delivery if necessary.  All GPS locaters come with simple instructions, advance web and smartphone software, phone support and optional installation.
Protect your family and your Investment today!
Be safe out there / Happy Traveling my friends. Will.
Special Thank you to www.RVWorldShowroom.com A great place to Buy or Sell your RV.

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