Storing Valuables


For a long time I have tried to come up with many ways to store different items in my mobile home. One type of item in particular would happen to be my jewelry. I have a lot of important pieces of jewelry that I love to wear for certain occasions.

When traveling and being mobile I had to try and figure out a way to keep my jewelry secured and out of harms way. I came up with several ideas besides using a regular jewelry box for storage or even a safe. Let’s be honest if someone was to burglarize your mobile home it would be quite obvious you had jewelry on board if you had a jewelry box sitting out. If you also had a safe onboard it’s quite obvious that you’re storing something on board that’s worth something.

One great idea I discovered was placing my jewelry into a plastic sandwich bag and sealing it. Then placing the sandwich bag into a container filled with flour. That way to the naked eye it just looks like a jar filled with flour.

A couple of other ideas are to store your jewelry into a plastic sandwich bag and placing the plastic sandwich bag into a box of white rice, or placing your items in a plastic sandwich bag and taping it to the wall behind the window dressings.

I am still researching and thinking of other great and safe ways to store personal jewelry throughout mobile homes without being obvious. If I happen to come up with more idea’s I will be more than happy to share.

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