The Best RV Battery You Can Buy.

Hey everyone, Will here with Today I want to talk with you about Batteries. Yes the all important heart of your RV the batteries.

There are many options out there to choose from when it comes to batteries, but only 1 stands out as the best. And that is the AGM Lifeline Battery by Concord. Simply put, it's the best RV battery you can buy. The Concorde Battery Corporation has locations in North Carolina, San Dimas CA and recently expanded it's manufacturing operations and added a second facility in Atlanta GA. Lifeline Batteries are now being manufactured on both US coasts! Lifeline Batteries overwhelming success in the Marine and RV industries is a direct result of the top performance of the batteries themselves. Lifeline marine and RV batteries are constructed using the same technology and manufacturing processes that Concorde employs in the production of its' Aerospace & Aviation Batteries. Lifeline batteries are also distributed to many branches of the US Military and Armed Forces networks. As it was when it was founded, the Concorde Battery Corporation is still a US family owned and operated premium battery manufacturer.

What does AGM stand for? It stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, the type of separator used in all Lifeline AGM batteries. Unlike mass-produced batteries, Concorde goes the extra distance and fully seal's the edges of the poly ethylene separators to prevent the most common failure in other batteries. Concorde makes all inter-cell connection welds extra robust and over the top of the partitions so all welds can easily be inspected for quality. These are just a few examples of what helps make Lifeline by Concord RV Batteries the highest quality available. Aside from its aviation, solar and mobility AGM battery lines, Concorde has developed an industry leading AGM battery that is desired throughout the Marine and Recreational Vehicle (RV) industries. For more than two decades the Lifeline Battery brand name has become synonymous with absolute top quality AGM battery technology.

AGM batteries have the advantage of being mountable in any orientation without capacity loss, have lower internal impedance to support high load currents, and have better capacity at lower temperatures. Gel batteries must be mounted upright to prevent air pockets from forming that will burn out the plates. They have inferior performance at high discharge rates and low temperatures.

If you want the best RV Batteries that are also made in the USA, your choice is clear, The Lifeline Battery by Concorde. Visit Lifeline batteries here to find a dealer near you.

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