Traveling is better when you have an RV

This past summer, I spent some time with my family in Fort Walton Beach FL on Okaloosa Island. Talk about an amazing time with so much to do. I took my 2007 42 f.t Monaco out for a spin along the beach side. There was so much there to do. We did most of our relaxing at the Destin West RV Resort. The resort was very welcoming and accommodating to our every need.

One day my daughter came home from work and expressed how bad she wanted to get away for the weekend. We quickly jumped online and searched for RV resorts and that’s when I found Destin West RV Resort. Upon arrival I pulled the RV into our assigned spot and I immediately felt as if I arrived home. The resort included beautiful views and of course a personal bar-b-que area for the family and I with a covering and a picnic table. Let’s not mention a pool facing the inter-coastal and board walks leading you to down to the ocean. Within an hour of being there my family and I went on a bike ride to see what else we could find. We stumbled upon several restaurants and local entertainment we decided to head back to the RV to freshen up for a night out. We ended up adventuring off to a nice restaurant called “The Crab Trap Shack.” They actually served amazing seafood. The vibe was nice and there was a lot going on. They had a stage with a DJ who played nice music for everyone to party to. Everyone was out on the dance floor the majority of the night having a good time.

The next day the family and I spent the day between the RV and the outside picnic table’s bar-b-q’ing. We went from watching TV on the RV to playing music and starting our own party. Even our dog had a good time and great experience. It was on this day he learned to swim in the ocean water. This is one place I will visit again with my RV. I learned a lot from this 2 day trip. For one I learned traveling is better when you have an RV. Whether it’s for 2 days or for months at a time. When you have an RV it’s easy to feel as if you can take your home with you. Although this trip lasted all of 2 days it may just be the best trip I’ve taken in a long time.

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