Traveling with your pet

Traveling with a pet in your RV

It sounds easy, but being a responsible pet owner is not a snap task while traveling in a recreational vehicle.

The first, and major, decision is - do we travel with the pet in a cage, or just let them free float? A cage is surely the safest and easiest way out, but will it be a fun trip for your pet? Probably not. We chose the “free float” method for our dog “Foxy” and it has worked out great. All of us are happy travelers. Our first consideration was – what if we have an accident? Foxy laid down between our front seats or on the sofa, and was quite content. We felt that the odds of having an accident in a large motor home that would be likely to seriously injure or affect us and/or our pet, were slim. But also, our dog’s freedom and comfort were foremost in our consideration. Having her caged up the entire time just seemed inhumane.

The key to the “free float” choice is control. Never allow your pet to annoy or interfere with the RV driver. We have a standing rule that Foxy could not be in the cab area of our motor home. Between the seats of the driver and front seat passenger was as close as she was allowed. Well, once in a while she would manage to sneak up, and get nestled in, on the lap of my wife, Sue. But she knew not to get near the driver.

As a considerate pet owner, if you have a dog, or a pet pig, they should be let out and walked every two hours or so. This is for your sake as well as for the good of your pet. Be sure to use a leash for safety. You don’t want your pet to run off while you are traveling, and you never know what might be out there.

When you park for the night, especially in a camp ground facility, please use a good length of leash for safety, security, and for the sake of other campers.

And Cats. Well that’s another matter. None of the above suggestions really apply to cats, they are just too darned easy on their masters. Just have water out for them and give them some attention when they aren’t napping. A nice treat, or catnip, once in a while, will let them know that they are still loved.

The bottom line is that traveling with a pet need not be laborious. Just give them love and security and they should enjoy the trip as much as you do.

Safe travels. Bob E. G. –

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