Winterizing that RV

It's that time of year again.

But before you do it there is something I would like to share with you. The days of winterizing you RV with antifreeze is a thing of the past.

And what a profound effect this little device is going to have on our environment. And better yet it's a one time small investment.

When I first found out that something like this existed I was sold immediately. It's a device that only needs a small compressor to achieve the best winterization you could ever want for your RV You can pick a kit up at most RV Supply dealers and it's done with AIR , comes with complete instruction and cost less than fifty dollars. How this works is so simple just open the outside drain faucets then you plug it into your portable water line on the outside of the RV connect the compressor to the end of the plug turn it on and it completely blows you entire water pipe system free of any moisture. The only thing you need to use antifreeze in is the 2 holding tanks gray and black water. Its takes about 20 min and your ready for the cold. Leo here saying lets all chip into to help improve our environment.

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